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Yatras and Spiritual Journeys


2019 and 2020

We offer information and a link to Yatras (pilgrimages, spiritual journeys) in different parts of the world.

We currently have different kinds of Yatras taking place in 13 countries.


Under the guidance of Dharma teachers/leaders, Yatras take place in Australia, Bhutan, England, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Mountain Kailash (Tibet), Nepal, Palestine, Samarkand, Uzbekistan and USA.

We wish to express our appreciation to those in the Sangha, who devote much time, energy and skills to enable these Yatras to take place. Do contact a website if you wish to give support. 


Participants and Dharma teachers/leaders have much to be thankful for.

Do join a Yatra. It is a remarkable experience.

Yatra in Germany 2021


See this website for information and registration for Yatra in Germany from 7 - 17 August 2021 with Christopher and Ulla.

Yatra in France 2021

We will update the information on the French Yatra in 2021 as soon as possible.

Silent Walking Retreat Spain

This retreat invites you to stop running, to calm down! Come and simply enjoy walking without needing to arrive anywhere, grounding and nourishing ourselves with every step.
Walking in silence is a powerful way to reconnect deeply with nature within and around. The retreat is guided by Ellen van Iersel, a certified MBSR mindfulness trainer. She has practised and studied with the Buddhist tradition for many years.   

Dates: 14-20 September 2019

Location: The beautiful surroundings of the land of Kausay community south of Valencia, Spain.
More information:

Walking Retreat in England



Wandering Wild is a journey into connection with ourselves - our inner nature and with the outer nature of the ancient and incredibly beautiful landscape of Dartmoor in south Devon, England.


All essential kit is provided for. Eight Wandering Wild adventures happen in spring and summer, 2019. Maximum six people.

Henriette Lofstrom, a Moreland guide, spiritual practitioner and eco/nature coach, leads the walks. She has participated in retreats in Gaia House and Sarnath, India. She lives in Totnes, Devon,  20 kilometres from Dartmoor. For information and to book:

Pilgrimage to Mount Kailash in Tibet

Mount Kailash is regarded as the most sacred mountain in Tibetan Buddhism.


With its remarkable symmetry, the mountain stands with incredible splendour. Buddhists, Hindus and people of other faiths have made the pilgrimage there for many centuries.

Yatras to Mount Kailash take place every year. Pilgrims can start in Kathmandu or China.

A much respected leader of Yatras to the mountain is Swiss born, Roger Pfister, based in Kathmandu.  Fluent in English and German, he has also has a basic knowledge of Italian and French. Roger has walked more than 100 circuits of the mountain in the past 20 years.




Website on Yatras to Mount Kailash.

See below link to Tom's beautiful 25 minute film of  a Yatra to Mount Kailash. 740,000 views on YouTube


Yatra in the Himalayas

Each morning will be spent walking in silence. Each afternoon there will be the opportunity to connect, discuss and explore with each other in mindful attention.

The retreat is led by experienced Dharma teachers who offer teachings, talks, discussions and one-to-one meetings.

All of this while being supported by the immaculate backdrop of silence and nature of the Himalayas.

Teachers Nathan Glyde and Zohar Lavie. Guide Prakash.

 A Journey to India

- the Roots of Meditation -

 Far beyond the beaten tracks of tourism, we will meet with people that I know, cycle or walk in silence in the countryside, meditate, meet with the local population, meet with ourselves, participate in one of Varanasi's most beautiful festival, learn about different spiritual traditions,...

Denis lived in India for 7 years, where he learnt Hindi language, Indian classical music, and practiced meditation. It is the 
5th time that he will bring a small group to places that he finds most dear.
More info:​

Spiritual Journeys to Uzbekistan,

Samarkand and south India

The journeys combine being on the road and moving through the landscapes with alternating times of stillness and a retreat. During the journeys, we practice meditation daily and we dive deep into the teaching of the Buddha and of Advaita (Non-Duality). Times of silence alternate with times of learning, sharing,  group work, art, sangha connection  and much support for individual processes.
Teachers. Lila Kimhi and Yoav Aptowitzer. 
Next journeys are to Uzbekistan and Samarkand, October 2019, and South India, January 2020. 


A Pilgrimage in Lapland

This trekking retreat offers a precious opportunity to practice Dharma in the wild beauty of Lapland. A community of practioners held as part of the wider community in the nature. Yatra enters the wilderness of Lapland with respect, receptivity and sensitivity.  We will devote time for walking in noble silence and cultivating meditative calm, as well as exploring ways to nurture spiritual companionship. There will be dharma reflections, formal practices and instructions and also space for sharing and simply enjoying hanging out with each other. The retreat is taught in English. Personal guidance is also available in Finnish.

Teachers. Kirsten Kratz a Gaia House teacher, and co-initiator of the Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement (DANCE). Assistant teacher is Sampo Koistinen, co-founder of Nirodha, the Dharma network in Finland.


Yatras in Australia

A Yatra offers an integrative experience, combining physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual explorations in a secular environment. Being primarily based in the Buddhist tradition, we also respect and draw from the wealth of many other wisdom traditions such as Yoga, Advaita, Tao, modern science and tribal cultures.
We offer a flexible combination of yoga, meditation, silent walking, Dharma teachings, experiential exercises and story telling around the camp- fire, Wholesome meals, intuitive way of ceremony and creative expression support an unfolding process. Our Yatra evokes a sense of deep connection and natural well being.
Several Yatras are held every year includingTasmania, Outback, rainforests, sacred places etc. A women's Yatra and a men's Yatra are offered.

Short film on the website of one of the Yatras in Australia available to watch.
Dharma teachers/leaders: Jess Huon, Ronny Hickel, Samantha Coker-Godson, Ruth Rosenhek, Ken Golding, John Seed etc.


Meditation and Hiking Retreat

in Colorado Rockies, USA

This retreat will be held in silence, sitting and hiking outdoors in the beautiful serenity and stillness of the Colorado Rockies. Mark will offer daily dharma talks and guided nature-based meditations as well as individual interviews as needed.

The retreat is appropriate for all levels of meditation practice. As it involves hiking at high elevations, those with mobility issues may find it difficult. 

Teacher. Mark Coleman

Check website for future retreats.

Pilgrimage-retreat in the Pre-Pyrenees, Spain.


During this 5-day retreat-journey we will pass through ancient forests, high hills, rivers and waterfalls, powerful cliffs, green spacious meadows, XII century little churches, old castles, picturesque villages, and the sanctuary of Queralt. On the way will also walk around the emblematic mountain of Pedraforca, drawn by many as all embracing mother, guardian, and ever flowing source of abundance and fluidity.



Please see this link for full information on this pilgrimage:

For other pilgrimages with Gemma please see: or

May all beings be close to the Earth

May all beings be close to each other

May all beings know love and freedom

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