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Basic Information


Dates for the second Dharma Yatra in Germany are 2- 12 August 2022.


The Yatra will be held an hour on the train from Stuttgart, Germany. Location for the Yatra is near Reutlingen, an hour on the train from Stuttgart station and 40 minutes by direct bus shuttle from Stuttgart Airport.

What is a Yatra?

A Yatra is an eco-pilgrimage. It provides the an opportunity to explore our relationship to each other, people worldwide, animals and the environment.

A Yatra (a Sanskrit word) is a pilgrimage. Men, women and children have gone on walking pilgrimages for thousands of years. Dharma, also Sanskrit, means teachings and practices to support ethics, mindfulness/meditation, expansion of the heart and a liberating wisdom.

The Teachers

Christopher Titmuss has been offering Yatras for 10 years in the UK in the 1980s and early 1990s and annual Yatras in southern France since 2001.

Ulla König teaches mindfulness and meditation in retreat centers in Germany, and offers courses in prisons, hospitals and social institutions. She works with refugees, people with physical disabilities, social workers and social activists.


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