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The Teachers

The Yatra will consist of two Dharma teachers with assistants

Christopher Titmuss, a senior Dharma teacher in the West, offers teachings worldwide on insight meditation (vipassana), the expansive heart and enquiry into liberation. He has given teachings and supported more than 30 Yatras. Poet, photographer and social critic, he is the author of more than 20 books. More than 1000 of his Dharma talks and inquiry sessions are freely available on A former Buddhist monk, Christopher writes a weekly Dharma blog on a variety of global issues.  He has lived in Totnes, Devon, England since 1982.


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Ulla König is a new Dharma teacher working with cancer patients, refugees and people with disabilities. She teaches retreats in Germany and England and offers together with Christopher the Mindfulness Teacher Training Course.


Ulla, a student of Pali, published a book on twelve major discourses of the Buddha called "Uncovering the Roots". She is currently writing on a book on Mindful Parenting, which is to be published in spring/summer 2021.


Mother of two children, Ulla lives in Reutlingen, close to the area of the Yatra. Ulla speaks fluent English and Italian.