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Travel information for Dharma Yatra 2019

General information

  • Buses run about once every hour from Reutlingen close to the site. Plan enough time to come from Reutlingen Hbf to the first site.

  • We will provide two phones for the Yatra where you can call us if you get lost. We will provide you with the numbers in an upcoming email. 

  • Please make extensive use of our google group to organize yourself with other participants in order to share taxis or cars!

From Stuttgart Mainstation (Stuttgart Hbf)


  • Trains are running every 20 to 30 minutes. Check for direction Reutlingen / Tübingen / Rottenburg

  • Some trains split into different parts, but only in Tübingen – no need to choose a particular wagon.

  • After 9:00 in the morning you can buy a „Baden-Württemberg-Ticket“ which costs 24 Euros for one person plus 6 Euros for every additional person. It will take you all the way from Stuttgart Main station until the final bus stop close to the first site. You can use it on the RE and IRE trains as well as on the bus.

  • Get off the train at Reutlingen main station (Reutlingen Hbf).

  • From the train station to the main bus station it is a 15 minutes walk.

  • Head out of the Main station through main hall.

  • Walk through a small park until you come to a big street (Eberhardstraße). Cross the street and walk right (with station in your back). 

  • Walk down the street until bus station comes to sight. To your right there will be the major post office

  • Walk left into bus station.

Bus (duration ca. 50 minutes to 1:30)


  • Take Bus number 7606 or 7607

  • For Bus number 7606 you have to change into 7607 at „Großengstingen Marktplatz“ 

  • Bus number 7607 direction „Pfronstetten“ is a direct bus. Take Bus number 7607 for „Oberstetten, Mitte“

  • The buses run every hour. Please check with bus plans in PDF. 

  • From the bus station to the first site it is a 50 minutes walk

  • With the taxi it is a 45 minutes drive, depending on the traffic. Tell the taxi driver to drive to „Hohenstein-Oberstetten“ and from there on the B312 direction Zwiefalten

  • Please tell us if you wish to park the car for full 10 days. We have to get into contact with the farmer to find parking spaces. We will then send you detailed information on where to park. Please consider to leave the car at Reutlingen and use public transport whenever possible.


From Stuttgart Airport


  • From Stuttgart Airport please take direct Shuttlebus „X3“

  • If you leave the airport head to your right. There is a central bus station. Bus X3 is running from the outerline close to the coffee shop

  • Bus X3 leaves once every hour and takes you to Reutlingen bus station. From there you can follow the instructions given above.


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