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The Theme

We will establish the Yatra as an Eco-Pilgrimage. The Yatra will offer a plant-based diet – no use of dairy or meat products.

We plan to invite a local farmer to meet with us for 45 minutes to speak about organic farming. We also wish to invite a speaker on sustainability. We will have the opportunity to ask questions about their work, motivations and values. 

We believe we have a lot to learn and share with each other.

The Yatra will offer teachings, meditations, silent single file walking and small group meetings. We will also share our concerns about the climate crisis, water/air/ocean pollution, wars and diminishing resources.

Based on compassionate and environmental reasons, we will offer a completely plant-based diet offering as much organic food as possible within the budget. We will buy food as much as possible from local small shops/small supermarkets and local farmers. We will consider costs per kilo for major food purchases. 


We will examine ways to live a life of moderation, develop a closer relationship with others, near and far, deep contact with nature and deepen spiritual values. We will note specific steps for daily life to support the welfare of people, animals and the environment. 


The Yatra will include poetry, dance, music and theatre. On the 9th evening, the Yatra will offer a 60 minute or so evening programme. Participants are welcome to offer up to five minutes each or a small group of entertainment in the meditation hall.

Protection for people and environment clearly matter. Except for the cooking stoves, we have no fires or flames on the Yatra. The Yatra is a smoke free zone. We have no campfires, candles or incense anywhere at any time. There is no smoking on the Yatra to maximise health and safety.


We will invite participants to rotate as translators with regard to German, French and English.


Do join the Yatra.

The Campsites

The campsites will include a marquee (20 metres x 10 metres) as the meditation/meeting hall and a kitchen (5 metres x 5 metres) plus portable toilets.

We have three camp sites and will change camps after three to four nights.We will take daily silent circular walks except when walking between campsites.

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